Mama Muse with Katelyn from @katelyn.ellery

Mama Muse with Katelyn from @katelyn.ellery

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Meet Katelyn, entrepreneur, wife and Mama of three ūü§ć

We connected with Katelyn over our mutual love of Denim (because who doesn't love a denim look?!) and got chatting about all things parenthood. Read on for the highlights, involving her little ones in the family business, baby must haves and more. 


Tell us a little bit about your gorgeous family? 

Our little family of five live amongst the gumtrees in Adelaide, South Australia. My three children are all of various ages; Hunter 10, Winter 6 and Arlo just 3 months! We love spending our days at the beach and travelling around Australia collecting unique cacti. 

@katelyn.ellery selfie with babe in the Chekoh Baby Denim Clip Structured Carrier

 Katelyn wears the new Denim Clip Carrier

We've spotted your business account on Instagram (, how do you like running the prickly cacti business? 

It's so much fun, kids love getting involved too. They are quite the little sales assistants when we have our open days and they love learning all their botanical names and getting involved with potting them up. It was a personal interest of my husband Todd and mine and we slowly over time turned it into a little bit of a hobby with added bonus as a side income. 

Cacti Business Adelaide South Australia

Do you have any tips for new Mama's returning to work or wanting to start their own side hustle? 

I've always been a lover of side hustles, my first was starting the Creative Lifestyle Markets at Plant 4 in Bowden! My best advise is just to go for it, fake it till you make it Mama and make sure you keep to your own muse and interests that way no matter what you do you're always having fun! 

What are your top 3 baby must haves? 

Gosh, there's so many to name only three!! 

  1. Definitely the Chekoh Clip Carrier and Wraps! 
    I had so many of their styles saved on my IG wish list, no matter which one you get, you won't regret a minute of babywearing cuddles. 
  2. I absolutely love my pram, it's light, compact and so easy to manoeuvre! 
    It's the Edwards & Co Oscar M2. 
  3. Last but certainly not least, I'd have to include my Antipoda Co Charlie Crane Levo Baby Rocker.

 Baby Rocker

What has been the highlight of your journey through parenthood so far? 

The everyday mess that is motherhood, it's the most beautiful, most rewarding mess I've ever encountered. I love every minute of our little messy lives. My little people make everyday so unique, they teach me far more than I teach them. My favourite highlight is waking up on weekends all together and spending a few lazy moments in bed all together before we get moving for the day.  

Family snuggles in bed @katelyn.ellery

How has babywearing helped you and where is your favourite place to wear your babe?

I've always loved baby wearing, it's easy, allows you to get what you need done, whether your jam is shopping, travelling, cleaning, fitness or all of the above! My little babes have always been so calm and relaxed when I baby wear, my best advise is find a carrier that is designed not only for style but for comfort too! Watch the 'how to wear' videos and get a comfy and safe wear. 

@katelyn.ellery Mama from South Australia wears the Chekoh Baby Denim Clip CarrierKatelyn wears the new Denim Clip Carrier 

What's next for you, your family and your business? 

We hope to travel a lot more in the next few years before my eldest becomes a teenager and thinks travelling with his siblings is no longer fun or cool lol. Also to slow down, to soak in these young years with my children as they grow up so fast! In terms of long term plans, who knows... we love growing together as a family and we are always open to new ideas and plans. Maybe one day we will move to Byron Bay. That's always been our dream.

@katelyn.ellery family on a beach in South Australia  

What are you top 3 favourite Chekoh picks?

My top three Chekoh products are the Clip Carrier in Denim (my fav), Cinta Clip Carrier and the Wrap in Cinta. 

@katelyn.ellery Denim Clip Carrier from Chekoh Baby

Click to shop Katelyn's faves: 

Denim Clip Carrier

Cinta Wrap

Cinta Clip


Thanks so much for being our Mama Muse this week Katelyn!
Want to learn more about this Chekoh Mama?
Head on over to Katelyn's Instagram: @katelyn.ellery

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