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Mama is swaddling up her little newborn baby with a Chekoh Baby Bamboo Spandex Swaddle

Here at Chekoh we know that getting proper sleep can be hard, so we want to help you and Baby master that down time and embrace all the z's you can catch! 

Snuggly baby all swaddled up in a Chekoh Baby Swaddle - perfect for newborns

Do you swaddle your babe for sleeping? 

Not only do all newborns look like adorable baby burritos in a swaddle but there are so many benefits to this tradition:

  • Swaddling helps your Baby adjust to life outside of the womb by feeling safe and secure.
  • Helps prevent flailing her arms and legs that may trigger startle reflexes that disrupt sleep.
  • Reduces crying time. 

Sounds like a definite win-win to us!

Baby Swaddles by Chekoh baby

Remember these tips for safe swaddling:

  • Always place Baby on their back to sleep, not on their tummy or side.
  • Ensure that Baby's face and head remain uncovered. 
  • Swaddle Baby with legs in an 'M' or froggy position to promote healthy hip placement. 
  • Not too tight - just right. There should be enough room at the top of the swaddle to fit 2-3 fingers between the swaddle and your Baby's chest. The rest should be loose enough to allow for your Baby's legs to stay propped in the froggy position.

Our swaddles are a generous 1m x 1m and made from an ultra-soft and breathable bamboo/spandex blend. This ensures Baby is comfortable and cool when dreaming. All Chekoh swaddles double as a multi-use blanket and shade cover for your stroller/pram, making it an easy go-to option for all sleepy environments. 

When Baby starts attempting to roll, cease swaddling for sleep periods.

For more information on safe swaddling and safe sleeping resources head on over to Red Nose Australia here

 Pictures: @chelseallen_ / @ingridcolesphoto

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