Not To Freak You Out Or Anything...

But there's only six weekends until Christmas.


Don't dismay...we've got you covered! We have slapped together a super quick, super easy guide to making your own little stocking sacks, or stacks, or sackings, or whatever you would like to call them, and we have even done the hard yard for you with what to fill them with...easy!

What You Will Need:

  • hessian drawstring bags
  • scissors
  • craft glue
  • acrylic paint - we got baby paint pots from Bunnings...cheeky!
  • letter stencil
  • assorted tassels, lace and trimmings & twine
  • paintbrush

Step 1: Assemble & Mock-Up

Firstly, you need to decide on what colour scheme you are using. We went with pastel mint and dusty pink, to bring a modern yet classy feel to our stockings. There's really no rules re: placement, as you can see we trimmed one at the bottom and also one mid-way down. It's a good idea to do a mock-up of how you want your stocking to look.

Step 2: Trim Trimmings

Lay your chosen trimmings along the length of the hessian sack, ensuring you have slightly more than needed which you will trim after you have glued them down.

Step 3: Glue It Down

IMPORTANT: slip a piece of paper or card inside the sack to ensure you don't glue the sack together before gluing your pieces. Create a line with your glue and press the trimmings on, trimming the ends afterwards and either applying clear glue to the ends to prevent fraying, or clear nail varnish. Allow to dry.

Step 4: Prepare To Personalise!

Ensuring you slip some thick paper or cardboard inside the area you wish to personalise, assemble your stencil, chosen paint colour and paintbrush. Lay the stencil onto the hessian first to ensure you will fit the entirety of the name you need to stencil to see how close together you will need to paint them. 

Step 5: Make It Personal

Take your stencil and with one hand holding it in place, apply a generous amount of paint to the space inside the stencil, ensuring all edges are painted inside. Leave to dry between each letter to avoid smudges. Leave stencil in place while paint is drying to prevent leaking of wet paint outside the lines.

Step 6: Dry & Repeat!

You may choose to go over the stencilled letters if your paint isn't standing out enough against the hessian, or apply a thicker paint to receive the desired effect. Once your stocking is dry, you are done!

But Wait! There's More...

These are wonderful gift ideas in themselves, why not do some for friends and family? It's a beautiful, natural palette that is so very on trend this silly season, so make a whole bunch, and if you're feeling REALLY creative, why not add bits of shell, gemstones or other treasures found around your home? The possibilities are ENDLESS. Get creating!

This guy below is simply a modification...follow steps 1-6 above, but instead of steps 4 & 5, we added some hand-painted polka dots! 


Step 7: Fill These Beauties With Goodies!

We have done ALL the work for you...featured in our beautiful Christmas Gift Guide are a bunch of business babes and their wares, that align with our natural, eco-friendly vibe. 

Clemence Organics

Treat nappy rash AND cracked nipples with one hero product! Clemence Organics (website here), a cute handbag (and stocking) friendly balm that is all natural, organic and safe for mum and bub. Check out their Facebook and Instagram.

Ollie & Pat

Soy Candles...need I say more? Ok I will. Scents such as pear & persimmon, coconut and lime with leave your home smelling of deliciousness this Christmas. Check their website, Instagram and Facebook here.

Bam Loves Boo

With a winning combo like bamboo and spandex (totes twinning with Chekoh) along with some soft cotton, Bam Loves Boo (website under construction) have the cutest, trendiest prints and colour combos for your little. Shop their Facebook and Instagram!

Modern Monty

Natural beech wood? Check. No nasties? Check. Modern Monty (website here) have the sweetest natural teethers, toys and play gyms. Chuck them a follow on Instagram and Facebook, and fill your stocking with go-to looks for your little ones for summer!

Haaka NZ

These things are GENIUS. Their BPA free, food grade silicone breast pumps accomodate all breast shapes and sizes to collect that liquid gold. In a cute little cardboard tube, it's the perfect size to be portable-friendly without cords and power packs. Shop here, or check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

Love By Willow

I'm quietly dying over here...these swimsuits are RIDICULOUSLY cute. Who doesn't love a frill?! These adorbs swimmers are also SPF 50+ to protect your little ones bod from the harsh summer sun, with both regular strap and long sleeve options. Shop them here, and follow their Instagram and Facebook.