How to keep your little one safe this holiday season

How to keep your little one safe this holiday season

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ūüé∂¬†It's the most wonderful time of the year ūüé∂

We love holidays here at Chekoh HQ and as always, we want to make sure you and your little babe are making the most of the festive season while being safe and comfortable. 

@brittanylambert_ Gold Coast Mama wearing Chekoh Baby Clip Carrier

@brittanylambert_ wears the Clip Carrier in Ochre

So here are our top 5 tips to keep your baby safe and happy over the Christmas break!

TIP 1: For the Swaddler 

If you're planning on swaddling your sweet babe this time of year, we suggest using a thin and breathable fabric (like our Bamboo/Spandex blend!) and to check baby's temperature often to ensure they're not too hot while snoozing. Summer heat in Australia can be intense, so remember that when adding an extra layer like a swaddle. 

Our top Summer pick:

Cosmo Swaddle

TIP 2: NEVER Cradle Carry

Over the last few months, we have seen parents try to attempt a Cradle Carry - a style of carry where baby is lying across the body instead of upright. This carry has the potential to block airways and create a greater risk of suffocation. We urge parents to follow our safe Sling Carry tutorial to promote healthy hip development, an upright carry and even helps settle reflux!

Watch our Sling Tutorial here or to watch our full live demo, head to our Instagram here.

TIP 3: Hey There Sleepy Dreamer

Keep your little one safe while dreaming those sweet dreams. Kids Health recommends a firm sleep surface (firm crib mattress and fitted sheet are optimal). Other precautions to take to reduce the risks of SIDS include: 

  • Keep¬†the¬†sleep space free of soft toys, blankets and anything that could potentially obstruct baby's face.
  • Don't use bumper pads.
  • Rest baby on their back to sleep.¬†
  • Check on them regularly.¬†

Cali Swaddle 

TIP 4: TICKS Checklist

We talk about the TICKS Guidelines all the time and for good reason. They are extremely important when wearing your baby. If you've never heard of them before, it is an acronym checklist to ensure you're providing the safest carry for your baby, each and every time. You'll be an expert in no time! 

Tight - TICKS Guidelines - how to wear your baby Chekoh

T is for Tight

You want a firm and high carry and this goes for Wraps, Slings or Clip Carriers. Your wear should be tight enough to hug baby close to you without any slack in the fabric. 

In View - Ticks guidelines - how to babywear safely with Chekoh Baby

I is for In view

Your little one should be in view at all times. You should be able to easily see your baby's face when looking down and ensure there is no fabric or clothing obstructing their face. 

Close enough to kiss - TICKS checklist for safe baby wearing with Chekoh

C is for Close enough to kiss

Carrying on from the last two points, your baby should be high enough for you to tilt your head down and kiss them on the forehead. After all, who doesn't want more baby kisses?!

Keep chin off chest - ticks safety guidelines for safe babywearing with Chekoh

K is for Keep chin off chest 

To keep baby's airways clear, ensure they are not curled in on themselves with their chin tucked into their chest. This can obstruct breathing and increases the risk of suffocation. To reposition your babe at any time, gently pop a curled finger under their chin to lift up. 

Supported Spine - Ticks guidelines for safe babywearing in any carrier with Chekoh

S is for Supported Spine

To promote the natural curve of baby's spine, they should be positioned so that their tummy and chest are against you. We also suggest you position their legs in a deep 'M' squat for maximum comfort and to support healthy hip development. 

For a step by step walkthrough of the TICKS Checklist, watch this video here.

 TIP 5: Mama, You Matter.

It's a busy time of the year, so don't forget about yourself Mama. It's important to take time to reflect on the year and sprinkle a little Christmas joy into your life. Whether that looks like a walk with some headphones in, a long and uninterrupted bath (the dream!) or a mini getaway - whatever it is, do it for you! 

Relaxing setup at Mylky Space Gold Coast

Shot by @katerosefolk at @mylkyspace

From all the team at Chekoh - we want to wish you a safe and happy holidays!

Each week of December we are giving one lucky person the chance to win a Carrier of their choice! All you have to do is publish a feed post, reel or TikTok and tag us @chekohbaby 

Get wearing and get sharing! 





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