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Father's Day: The McHusbands

Posted by Nikki Roberts on

Meet Adam & Erik McEwen

What happens when you have:

1) two husbands, madly in love

2) two incredibly selfless, generous friends and;

3) the wonders of modern medicine?

Meet the McHusbands

Adam and Erik McEwan of California, LA are soon-to-be fathers of precious twin girls conceived via IVF - with both of their individual sperm along with their friend Julie's eggs - and transferred into the womb of Erik's sister-in-law, Corrin.

As a mother of two lovely boys of her own, Corrin offered to carry Adam & Erik's precious embryo's to fulfil their dream of parenthood, when they had previously ruled out the option of surrogacy due to its complexity and cost. They were incredibly touched and all four willing contributors have gone forth wholeheartedly to get to where they are now - at 25 weeks pregnant with their darling girls, recently named: Everest Jai and Addisen Jo. 

How did I discover these two American sweethearts? While searching for inspiration for my own brand Modn Apparel and my #heartsnotparts campaign, I stumbled upon Adam & Erik on YouTube. Their weekly segment excitedly turned from their latest goings-on, to the aptly named 'McBaby Monday', complete with catchy sing-song introduction and their signature electro-pop musical accompaniment. When I discovered they were parents-to-be, I became even more enthralled with their journey, having overcome fertility issues in my own parenting journey. The rest, as they say, is history - and Adam & Erik/McBaby Monday is a favourite Tuesday morning check-in at Chekoh HQ!

I asked Erik & Adam a few questions about their impending Fatherhood, and this is what they had to say:

When was the moment you knew, without a doubt, that you were destined for fatherhood?

For both of us, there was never a set moment that we knew we were destined for fatherhood.  But it got to a point in our relationship that we had so much love for each other, and felt it only right to grow our family into something more, and share that love with children of our own, whether that was through adoption or surrogacy.  Our path to fatherhood led to the route of surrogacy, and ever since we started the surrogacy process, we knew in our heart of hearts that this is exactly what was meant for us.

What kind of father do you think you are/will be?

This one is easy to answer because our personalities are so different.  Erik will be the sensible, nurturing, gentle father, and will help the girls understand independence and responsibility. Adam will help let their imaginations run wild and inspire them creatively, as well as making them laugh and keeping them entertained with his high energy.  

What is your biggest hope for your children?

Our biggest hope for our girls is that they are happy, healthy individuals, and live lives they're proud of.  Who knows what the future holds for our girls, but we hope they spread love, kindness, and positively because the world can never have enough of those things. THREE!

With modern parents like Adam & Erik, hopes like these for their children seem inevitable. We wish Adam & Erik all the best on their journey to fatherhood. Want to know what they mean after every video when they sign off with 'THREE'?! Keep up to speed with the McHusbands by subscribing to their YouTube channel below! THREE!!!



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