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Tell us a little about your self and your family, where is home?  Home is Coogee Beach in Sydney. My husband and I have two beautiful girls Matisse (2) and Luna (2 months).
How would you describe your family? What activities and adventures do you enjoy
together? Damien runs his own business so Sunday's are our family day where we get out and about, usually to the beach in the morning for some fun and fitness and then out somewhere for lunch or to see friends. We've always taken our girls out everywhere with us including nice restaurants even from birth, we just bring plenty of things for Matisse to do.
What do you feel is the biggest benefit for wearing your baby? I love babywearing. The main reason being hands-free!! And that I don't have to worry about where the baby is. She's close, she's safe and usually asleep! It's also good exercise.
Which style do you prefer, Sling or Wrap? I like the look of the sling although find the wrap easier to manage.
When can you absolutely not be without your baby carrier? Flying, doing housework, shopping? I have so many wraps; in the car, pram at home, because I never know when I'm going to need one. I always take one shopping for groceries or for the market and flying is an absolute must for babywearing - we couldn't have travelled so much last year with Matisse without one. We still take a pram for airports although that's usually to pile on all the carry on luggage!
What's your favourite Chekoh design? I can't go past the leopard wrap.
How would you describe your personal style, has it changed at all since becoming
a mama? My style tends to be a little eclectic. I go either way from beachy-boho to urban-luxe (I think that's quite a Sydney thing!) and my style has evolved so much since becoming a mother. Before I didn't have time to think about my wardrobe that much and was too busy working so now I get to enjoy styling for different occasions and matching the minis too.
What are your go-to items for your baby bag? I've never been one to have loads in my baby-bag. I keep it simple with a few nappies and wipes, one swaddle wrap that I also use as a changing mat, my hairbrush and a packet of popcorn for Matisse.
What's one thing you would want to teach your child/children? To jump into life without fear and follow their hearts... And love their mum and dad of course.
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