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If you hadn’t already guessed it by our some of our gorgeous wrap shots and overseas jaunts, we have our Chekoh products manufactured in paradise, Bali Indonesia.
This wasn’t just a decision based on idyllic surrounds and travel but through thorough research of textile design and networking with people in similar industries, we found that Indonesia has a great reputation for high quality workmanship, artisan techniques and also a strong local community of expat fashion designers and artists, some we proudly call our friends. Many of our favourite designer brands are also masterfully manufactured right alongside ours.

A photo from one of our trips to Bali

We travelled to Indonesia, forged some fantastic connections, explored the rich culture and learned some new artistic techniques and design processes. In developing our print and dyed designs, we witnessed the caution time and skilled handwork that goes into producing just one of these beautiful rolls of fabric.

A photo from one of our trips to Bali

Our own graphic design is first converted (via film) to very delicate screens, one for each colour of the print.

Our super soft fabrics are then placed perfectly onto tables 32m in length and the print process begins. 

The print is screened onto the fabric by hand using completely organic dye derived from a seaweed base. Yes, an ORGANIC SEAWEED DYE.  We were amazed by this process and knew it would fit perfectly with our product and desired style.

Then, once the colour has been applied, the fabric is left to dry, and then soft washed several times to ensure the print is set.  The results are vibrant, permanent and super soft so that we can promise you that your will love wrapping both yourself and baby in our special fabrics. 


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  • WOW that’s amazing !! This is not at all how I imagined them to be done :)

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