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The word 'Yoga' itself means 'union' and 'union with the divine' so let's take this opportunity to spend some extra time with ourselves & baby. 
As attachment parenting is becoming more popular, more parents are learning about the benefits of wearing their baby. Becoming a new parent is a journey and the road can be a little bumpy. You need to take the time to listen to your body and mind and recalibrate. 
Here are some tips and tricks to help you on your journey into Babywearing Yoga.
  • Make sure baby is fed, happy and settled. A little of that sleepy dust can go a long way!
  • Pre-wrap your baby using your Chekoh wrap.
  • Wear comfortable clothing, avoid wearing belts or excessive jewellery.
  • Take some time to roll out your yoga mat and acknowledge how you feel.
  • Allow the day thus far to melt away. Put any tasks or to-do lists away and be present.
  • Breathe.

Babywearing Yoga benefits:

  • Improves posture
  • Can improve sleep (which we are all lacking, am I right?)
  • Great bonding experience
  • Develops mental and physical strength
  • Great for emotional wellbeing
  • Keeps baby happy through soothing and repetitive motions

Safety Tips:

  • Please consult your doctor before starting any new exercise routines postpartum & listen to your body. 
  • Wear baby tightly.
  • Support head if needed.
  • Make sure baby's face is visible. Keep your baby close and keep your baby safe.
    When you’re wearing a sling or carrier, don’t forget the T.I.C.K.S. For more info on how to use your Chekoh wrap and safety tips follow our HOW TO video.
  • Go slowly.
  • Only do what feels right for you and your baby. 


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