What to wear during your Pregnancy and Postpartum Journey; From home to hospital & home again

What to wear during your Pregnancy and Postpartum Journey; From home to hospital & home again

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With so many options for maternity wear out there these days, the question of "what to wear when you're pregnant?" quickly becomes overwhelming. 

Comfort or style? Why choose when you can have both?

From Bump, Birth and Beyond the Chekoh Journey Dresses are your one stop shop. Created to support you through all of the transitions in your Mum journey. 

Comforting from the time your bump begins to show, to that moment you're packing your hospital bag, all the way up to postpartum - when you're just exhausted and need something comfy to nurse in. With five different colours/patterns to choose from, you'll have so many mix and match options to play with!

Whether you want to dress up with accessories or dress down for something casual, they're perfect for the mamas who just want to get out the door.

Here are 5 reasons you need the Journey Dress in your closet.

Journey Dresses hanging on clothing rack

1.  Belly Access

Belly touching is completely normal and absolutely encouraged! Our journey dresses feature Pull Down Front Panelling that allows easy access to your tummy (if you're a mum who can't keep hands off your baby bump). We understand it's completely normal for mamas to want to rub, touch, pat and hold their bellies as a way to connect. After all touch is the first sense your bub develops in the womb, so we've designed the Journey Dress to suit. This practical design is great for antenatal appointments, and also allows you to apply oils, ointments or creams too.

Baby belly access with the Chekoh Baby Journey Dress

 2. A Hospital Bag Essential

"What should I wear to hospital?"

We hear it all the time and now you don't need to think any further, because the answer is a Chekoh Journey Dress. Stretchy, lightweight, comfy and designed with discrete back access. This means it's perfect for offering privacy during prenatal appointments and birthing (hello massage or back rub!). We understand not every mum is comfortable with the awkwardness of stripping off in front of strangers (even if it is to deliver your little one). It's just something you can't forget to pack in your hospital bag, not to mention it's other amazing benefits... but we'll talk more about that soon!

3. Bamboo/Spandex Blend

Our Journey Dresses are made from a soft and stretchy bamboo/spandex blend that hugs your body as it changes throughout pregnancy. If you're a fan of our soft stretchy Wrap Carriers you'll love our dresses too. We've ditched the zips and tedious buttons and opted for simple press studs - easy to snap in place whilst still laying flush. We are always all for comfort and know you are too!

4. Discrete Breastfeeding 

"Can I breastfeed in the Journey Dress?" 

Of course you can! Featuring discrete breastfeeding access, our Journey Dress is a no fuss, stylish option, that doesn't expose any more than needed. Don't bother with packing the hot sweaty nursing covers that only add to your already never ending laundry load. Forget washing up dirty milk bottles after coming home when all you want to do is put your feet up. Save some time and space in your bag, without sacrificing privacy and style.

5. What Do Other Mamas Say?

If you're not already convinced by us, take it from all the Journey Dress lovers out there. You can check out all of the reviews on our website by clicking here or have a read of a few of our favourites below.

Ochre Journey Dress Review

Jett Journey Dress Review

Leopard Journey dress Review

Belly rubs? Check! 

Labour? Covered.

Breastfeeding? We've got you there too.

So whichever stage you're in, our Journey Dress was designed by a mum for mums, to support you through your entire pregnancy journey.

Add one to your closet today and don't forget to pack it in your hospital bag!

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