Get to Know the Chekoh Team

Get to Know the Chekoh Team

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To celebrate International Women's Day, we wanted to introduce you to team Chekoh - the ladies behind your favourite Aussie Baby Carriers.

From the Mama who started it all, to the women that create the content you see, pack your orders and answer all of your customer service queries - thank you for supporting Chekoh! 

Founder, Owner, Babywearing Educator & Designer/Production Manager here at Chekoh. 

PR & Marketing Manager

Social Media & Marketing Manager

Dispatch & Customer Service
Our newest addition to the Chekoh team (and yet to have her staff photo taken but we are working on it - promise!) 

To give you a little insight into the ladies that run Chekoh, we asked the team to answer some random questions.  

Where were you before working at Chekoh?

Krystal: Australian Border Force Officer

Jess:  QLD Health

April: A kindergarten

Tahlia: A water filter company

How many children do you have? 

Krystal: Mum of 3

Krystal Tupi - Chekoh founder with her three gorgeous boys

Jess: None yet!

April: Mum of 2

Tahlia: 0

Favourite thing about working at Chekoh?

Krystal: Complete freedom - now I have the most amazing staff to help with the work load and being able to be there for my family any time or day they need (which is mainly afternoon sports drop offs and taxi driver for 3 very busy boys).

Jess:  Creative freedom, seeing cute babies and meeting all the beautiful Mama’s and Papa’s. I love creating style stories and I'm always learning. Not to mention having an awesome team!

April: The variety of tasks, there is always something new to work on and get creative with.

Tahlia: Having a chill boss and flex work hours, in a super positive working environment and a job I actually love to come to everyday.

Least favourite thing about working at Chekoh?

Krystal: The amount of takeaway I consume due to zero willpower and my lack of forward planning for lunches.

Jess:  The drive to work but moving closer to Chekoh HQ soon!

April: Feeling clucky on the daily, I’m very happy with just two - stop tempting me with all of your beautiful babes!

Tahlia: Racing the Courier to pack all of the Sendle orders before he arrives at 10am.

What’s your favourite Carrier?

Krystal: Grey Stripe Wrap

Chekoh Baby Stretchy Wrap Carrier - Grey and White Stripe

Jess:  Ivory Cord Clip

Product thumbnail of the Ivory Cord Clip Carrier Chekoh Baby

April: Denim Clip

Chekoh Baby Denim Carrier - designed in Australia by real mums

Tahlia: Cosmo Clip

Chekoh Baby Cosmo Print Clip - Mustard, White and Light Blue 

What’s a life motto of yours?

Krystal: Different is better than better. Be different.

Jess:  If you think you know everything, you’ll never learn anything.

April: What is done with love, is done well.

Tahlia: If there is no solution to the problem then don't waste time worrying about it. If there is a solution to the problem then don't waste time worrying about it.

Most memorable moment at Chekoh?

Krystal: Honestly, those first round of Wrap samples I received from my very first manufacturer. That’s when it all felt real and when I knew this was going to be big.

Through the archives with chekoh baby - the snow leopard printDoes anyone remember this print?

Jess:  I love all of our shoot days but maybe the Mylky Space shoot?

April: The photoshoot days! They’re always super fun, with a touch of slightly stressful.

BTS (behind the scenes) on a Chekoh photoshoot day with the Jett SlingApril & Jess behind the scenes on a recent photoshoot at the Gold Coast.

Tahlia: Last Black Friday when we had the most sales I’ve seen, since starting here. It took me 2 days to pack all of the orders.

What’s your favourite beauty product at the moment?

Krystal: Sunscreen and chapstick.

Jess:  Obsessed with Rose Inc blushes and the MCoBeauty concealer.

April: Drunk Elephant lip balm.

Tahlia: Always was and always will be my holy grail hair oil, Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine.

How do you cope with stress?

Krystal: My daily walks while the kids are at their sports training are helping. AirPods in and 5kms without anyone calling out ‘Mum’ helps.

Jess:  Procrastinating and then getting everything done at the last minute.

April: By keeping busy, music and movement.

Tahlia: Sleeping.

What’s the next thing you have tickets too?

Krystal: Snoop Dogg Concert

Jess:  A trip to Tassy mid year!

April: Does a booking count? Camping at the Sunshine Coast.

Tahlia: 'Knotfest' a music festival.

What’s your Zodiac sign?

Krystal: Pisces

Jess: Aquarius

April: Taurus

Tahlia: Leo

Favourite song at the moment?

Krystal: Forever After All - Luke Combs

Jess:  Does It Make You Feel Good? - Confidence Man

April: On The Back Burner - The Reytons (oldie but goodie)

Tahlia: Closer - Kings of Leon

If you were an animal, What would you be and why?

Krystal: Seagull - hang at the beach and eat hot chips all day

Jess: Chipmunk. I can’t sit still and love a good snack.

April: A monkey? I mean I do get called ‘Apes’ a lot, so it’s only fitting.

Tahlia: A cow, so I could eat all day and sleep whenever I wanted too. Having three stomachs also sounds pretty cool.

Team Chekoh - the women behind the brand - International Women's Day

Is there anything else you'd like to know about the women behind Chekoh?
Let us know in the comments below!

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