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In recent times, particularly the past two years, we have seen an increase of orders from far-reaching corners of the world. In light of International Parents Day each year in the last week of July, we decided to take a closer look at all our babywearing mums and dads, across the globe. 

The Universal Language of Babywearing

Babywearing has the ability to unite parents the world over - catering more to the primitive urges of parents to keep their little ones close - and standing strong in the face of ever-changing phases, trends and fashion fads. Sure, Chekoh carriers are designed with style in mind, but did you know they are actually made of natural fibres like bamboo and linen, to ensure a comfortable and breathable carry? That they are approved by the Hip Dysplasia institute? That our carriers are aligned with the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance? That's right! We tick all the boxes to make sure you and baby are safe, secure and stylish right from birth.

There's no wonder Chekoh is boarding planes the world over and becoming a vital inclusion in the ever-important baby bag. It tucks neatly into it's own built-in pocket and doubles and triples as an easy go-to scarf/blanket for travel and a handy discrete breastfeeding cover! A favourite of the baby-shower registry, Chekoh even offer a special Baby Shower Gift Pack - beatifully boxed to save time for the busy gifting mamas - to provide almost an extra set of hands for the busy recipient mama-to-be or mama of 2, 3, 4+!

So where has Chekoh been spotted, across this beautiful, vast world of ours? I thought it might be fun to feature some of our lovely parents dispersed across destinations near and far, providing some insight into their Chekoh journey...

United States of America

We have loyal customers from the deep south, from Utah to Louisianna. From San Francisco to San Diego, and across the west from Connecticut to South Carolina. One of our faves is the very charismatic, energizing Gemma Marin of Instagram (gemma_marin). Gemma stole our hearts early on with her joyful, happy-go-lucky dancing with her partner, Israel. With her husky Spanish accent, Gemma brings the hugest smiles to our faces - especially with her newest addition, #dancingalexandra! 

New Zealand

Just a hop, skip and jump across the bay we have our neighbours in NZ. On the North Island in the beautiful Waikato, we have our fam of six, the Heu's! Anneke, her husband and her four children provide spell-binding family snaps of their daily adventures, capturing the ups and downs of the rollercoaster that is life with four children. We love how Anneke provides real and true representations of snippets of their lives - keep going Anneke!

Isle of Man, UK

Nestled in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland, sits the rugged coastlines and medieval castles of the Isle of Man. This incredible location is home to Roxy Hempel (of The Eco Edit), her husband, twin daughters and infant son. The Hempels are a family living consciously to minimise their footprint on our delicate world, utilising the most ecologically responsible lifestyle possible. Chekoh resonated with Roxy and her fam, with our carriers being made from natural, ecologically sustainable fibers. It was a match made in Heaven!

Gratitude for Global Growth

Although we have only focussed on three destinations other than our home in Australia, our distribution across the world is growing - with Chekoh fast becoming a household name in babywearing. We wouldn't be here, if it weren't for every single one of you! Please, keep sharing, tagging and reaching out to us with your captures. Your liberation and freedom - by being hands-free and mobile - inspires us to keep creating!




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