Thank you so much for choosing Chekoh to join your journey

Now both you and your precious one will discover the immense benefits of Babywearing. 

Your Chekoh Clip will make life a little less stressful and a lot more peaceful.

We're so happy to recommend two safe and supportive carry styles for your baby in our new Clip, a Front Facing (chest-to-chest) and also a Back Carry (see more info via our video tutorials below).

Using any baby carrier can be a little daunting at first, but if you follow the easy video tutorial below and give it a little practice, we're sure you will be carrying your little one confidently, closely and securely in no time.

Safety is key, so please exercise caution when using your Chekoh Clip.

Ensure you are always wearing the Clip correctly and most importantly, that your baby is fully secure. 

Remember, the safety of your baby is your responsibility and the use of this Clip is at your own risk. Chekoh Pty Ltd cannot be held responsible or liable for any accidents that could occur as a result of the misuse of carrier. 

The journey you take with your child is an amazing one. We are so

honoured to provide a carrier that will help you on your way and keep your baby close to your heart.


safety is key

  • begin with waist belt high and firm around your mid-section

  • always keep one hand on baby until they are secured into the carrier and all buckles are clipped correctly

  • ensure baby's face is in view at all times and airways are clear with chin off chest  

  • baby's head is at a kissable height during front carry wear

we're here to help 

and that's the #chekohdifference 

Practice makes perfect, bu if you need some more help achieving a safe and comfortable carry, book you FREE video call consult and chat face to face via Facetime or Skype with our trained Babywearing Educator and we'll walk you through your wear: