Marisa & Nikki Do Babywearing School

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For the last week of July, Boss Lady Krystal enrolled Marisa and myself into a Beginners course at the Babywearing School Australia, to undergo training in baby carrier Origami. Hosted by Internationally Recognised Babywearing Guru, Liz Wagenkneck, who is actually spellbinding in her abilities to execute incredibly complex and intricate carries - on her front, hip - and even on her back!

We were the rookies of the group - in a classroom full of woven carrier devotees, we made it our challenge to win over the other participants with our beautiful stretchies. One by one, they edged closer to our carriers and by the end of the course, everyone had had a go! We had succeeded! It was a mirrored effect for us, being able to try different carriers than what we were used to, we mastered some woven carries and even learned new ways to wear our stretchy wraps! Stay tuned for some tutorials coming up in the next few weeks!

Babywearing is such a widely spread practice and to be able to obtain the optimal and safest carry for little ones will be incredibly helpful in HQ - whether for tutorials with dolls, photoshoots with real babies and even some in-house demonstration classes! 

We have been practicing madly for you so we can show you our skills and new alternative wrap carry styles - they take a bit of practice and are more complex than our favoured Pocket Wrap Cross Carry (tutorial here), so aren't for the faint hearted. Adventurous babywearers - give it a crack!






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