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Welcome to the second instalment of the Women of Chekoh Trilogy. This week as part of International Women's Day celebrations, we will be focussing on our snap-happy design legend, Marisa Taschke.

Married to James and mother to five year old Avalon, 28-year-old 'Ris' has an incredible amount of industry experience under her belt. 

At the tender age of 23, Marisa joined forces with our third Chekoh Wonderwoman, Kira to create an Instagram-centric online store. Everland Clothing was a stand-out in online fashion, taking Marisa and Kira's own designs and churning out 90's-inspired, Harajuku-influenced collections. Their wares were worn by The Veronicas, Francis-Bean Cobain and Katy Perry to name a few, and were proudly stocked in Urban Outfitters (US), Nasty Gal and City Beach.

Seeking a different side of the industry, Marisa developed a passion for photography. She became heavily involved in the styling, photography and social media/marketing for Chekoh, creating the beautiful campaigns you see before you.

Marisa's photography has been a stand-out in the industry, inspiring the birth of Marisa Taschke Creative; her very own company. She joined forces with three other industry powerhouses to form a side-show to the well known Sticks and Stones Agency, in the form of Bang Bang Shooting Club - a fresh, thought-provoking perspective of photography - who far exceed the norm with their campaigns. An example of their daring and liberating work is the recent Volley Shoes campaign.

I asked Marisa the three most important questions that ever existed:

Me: What is your fave song of all time?

M: "Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. Stevie Nicks is my spirit animal."

Me: Imagine your teenage bedroom. Who's posters adorned your walls?

M: "I couldn't call myself a 90's kid if I didn't have Hanson posters on my walls. Zach was my one true love."

Me: In the spirit of International Women's Day, who do you most idolise or admire?

M: "My mama. She is the strongest, most badass babe on the entire planet - BUT I admire all women!"

Marisa, though only 27, is a perfect example of a strong, empowering and successful woman and mother. She has accomplished so much across so many successful ventures and within many different elements of the Fashion industry, and her passion is clearly evident in her work. She is not only inspiring as a businesswoman, but also as a mother and has an incredibly warm, engaging presence that has the ability to crack the toughest exteriors (for example my 21 month old daughter who is obsessed with her) which in her line of work, is something so coveted and priceless. We are so lucky to have Marisa here at Chekoh, to effortlessly capture what we envision and turn it into beautiful art.




Dahsi carries her son Lior in the Chekoh Cinta Sling 



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