Meet the Models - The Bandana Collection

Meet the Models - The Bandana Collection

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Have you seen our new Bandana Collection? 


Making our limited edition neutral bandana print come to life - it's time to meet the gorgeous Mama models behind our recent Gold Coast photoshoot.  

We get to know a little bit more about their daily life, their must have and everything from their best Mama hack to the best advice they've ever received. Let's dive in!


Hailey, Jhalli & Maria - The Bandana Collection Mama Models


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family? 


Maria: I'm Maria, originally from Sweden, currently enjoying maternity leave. When not on leave, I work in corporate events. Our family includes my partner Jacson, our baby boy River, and our furry friend Jimmie. Jacson and I met in Australia in 2008, and after some back and forth, we settled in Brisbane in 2015.


Jhalli: I’m a first time mother to my beautiful daughter Aloise and I love soul music and travel. Born and raised in Meanjin (Brisbane), Aloise is mixed with Aboriginal, African American, PNG and Irish.


Hailey: Let me introduce myself and my family. I'm Hailey, a 33-year-old Paediatric Doctor based in Brisbane. My heart belongs to my two adorable children, Nathaniel, who's three, and our little angel Camille, just two months old. My husband Matthew, is my rock and my best friend. Most weekends you can find us spending time with our family, or with sandy feet on the beaches of northern NSW and the Gold Coast - where we both grew up.


Maria & Baby River


Have you ever modelled before (if so, how did you get into it)?


Maria: No, I haven't, but participating in your campaign was a blast. I've always enjoyed being in front of the camera; it boosts my confidence and makes me feel beautiful.


Jhalli: No! Never modelled just took lots of selfies with my new baby girl.


Hailey: I have dabbled in modelling since childhood. My first gig was at eight, posing for a surf brand. The photos ended up in a Barbie magazine spread—a cherished memory my mom still holds onto dearly.


Jhalli & Baby Aloise


What does the average 'day in the life' look like for you and baby?


Maria: River wakes around 6:30am, and we relax in bed before starting our day. We take Jimmie for a walk, then I like to plan activities to keep us busy. Whether it's meeting other moms, swimming lessons, or shopping, I love embracing the motherhood community and making new friends. My DMs are always open if anyone would like to connect!


Jhalli: Early wake up with baby, gym class (high intensity girly), a walk and bonding with my baby girl.


Hailey: Curious about my daily routine with baby Camille? Mornings start early, usually with her around 4:30 to 5:30 am. We kick off the day with a breastfeed and a morning stroll. Then it's a whirlwind of breakfast, chores, and playtime with Nathaniel, breastfeeding and naps with Camille, until dinner.


Hailey & Baby Camille


How would you describe your personal style? 


Maria: I'm currently exploring my "mum style," aiming for comfort but still stylish. I prefer simple, classic looks but enjoy adding an edge with cool accessories. And my favorite accessory right now? That's definitely River!


Jhalli: Slick and sophisticated with dark colours, neutrals and some bold prints.


Hailey: My style? Minimalist chic, focusing on natural beauty and comfy yet stylish attire.


It's all in the details - the new Bandana Clip Carrier


Top 3 favourite brands to shop?


Maria: Any brand that are size inclusive! Favorites at the moment are The Lullaby Club, FAYT and Target.


Jhalli: Loving these 3 atm!! Seed for myself and baby, Country Road for myself and baby Decjuba.


Hailey: I gravitate towards brands like DISSH, Country Road, and Witchery. They embody my love for clean lines, neutral hues, and effortless sophistication.


What is the best piece of advice you've ever received?


Maria: That’s a tough one! My mum once said “it’s only a problem if you make it one” and that has stuck with me over the years.


Jhalli: Mama knows best.


Hailey: The best advice I've received? The mere fact that I worry about being a good mom means I'm already a good one.


Baby Camille looking super cute in the new Bandana Swaddle


Do you have an 'ultimate mum hack' that you can share with our Chekoh Mama's?


Maria: I'm still learning as a new mom and I don’t think I’ve come across the ultimate hack yet, but I believe in making life convenient. For example, if you have formula fed baby, investing in an instant formula maker can be a game-changer. Convenience is key for me!


Jhalli: Go with the flow and your baby will adapt to your life.


Hailey: Online grocery shopping with a pre-made essentials list and keeping wet wipes stashed everywhere. Trust me, they're lifesavers!


Behind the scenes at our Gold Coast Bandana Collection shoot


What are your top 3 Mama essentials?


Maria: Definitely the Baby Brezza for formula feeding, a reliable baby carrier for those clingy days, and comfortable slip-ons for easy outings.


Jhalli: There’s sooo many! But I would say - eye masks, skin/body care, blow drys?


Hailey: Coffee (always), a trusty water bottle filled with ice-cold water, and a solid support network of family and mama friends.


What's next for you and your family? 


Maria: We're heading to Sweden soon to visit my family, which I'm thrilled about. Once we get back to Australia, I'll start preparing to return to work and get River settled into daycare.


Jhalli: More travel with my baby girl and hopefully more opportunities to model for baby brands!


Hailey: What's on the horizon for us? Well, I'm looking forward to savouring the next nine months of maternity leave, planning camping trips, an overseas family trip and cherishing every moment with my little one while she's still small.


Want to follow along with our gorgeous Mama Models? 


Maria: @mariabegins

Jhalli: @jhallipleasant

Hailey: @haileyhavana


Shop the new Bandana Collection - online now!

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