Wear Them Right - Safe Babywearing With Chekoh

Wear Them Right - Safe Babywearing With Chekoh

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If you’re new to the world of Babywearing, you're expecting, you might be a brand new parent or perhaps you’re researching some products for your journey into parenthood, we’re here to help. 

Today we will be focusing on the 5 most important guidelines for safe Babywearing in your Chekoh Wrap carrier.

The easiest way to ensure you’re achieving safe wear EVERY time is to follow the simple and easy to remember acronym TICKS

T - Tight

I - In View

C - Close enough to kiss 

K - Keep chin off chest 

S - Supported spine

We want to make sure you reap all those amazing benefits that wearing your baby has to offer - let’s get into it!


safe babywearing how to wear stretchy wrap newborn carrier chekoh

‘Pocket Wrap Cross Carry’ 

We feature this Wrap style in our info booklets, online video tutorials and it is the best carry style for your baby (up to 8-10 months of age). 

The  number one tip we have for first time wearers is to ensure your Wrap is nice, firm and tight.

Focus that tension is on the shoulder passes, the two pockets across your chest will stretch to fit your baby and hold them high and firm. As our fabric blend contains spandex to mould to you and provide a lightweight and comfy carry, it also means that it will stretch. So pull down the shoulder passes TIGHT, make sure there is no slack in the fabric and your baby will sit high and firm in these pockets. 

If at any time during your wear you feel like your baby is sitting too low, take baby out safely and make sure those shoulder passes are pulled down tight. It may take a few tries to find your groove and the perfect fit for your body and baby’s. Once you’ve nailed this you will be wrapping and wearing with your eyes closed (well not really, we want those eyes open guys, but you catch our drift!)

As always we’re here to help, and we make it really easy, let us know if you have any questions in the comment section below, DM, email or book in one of our FREE video call consults and we can chat with you one-on-one at a time that suits.


safe babywearing how to chekoh newborn carrier

This one is pretty simple. Baby’s face, nose and mouth should remain uncovered by your body and by the Wrap. 

The easiest way to do this? Make sure you always have a full view of your little one’s face. We’re sure you’re staring at them 24/7 anyway, but just in case - all eyes on baby!


safe babywearing how to chekoh newborn carrier

We want you to KISS THOSE BABES!

Keeping your baby at the correct height will ensure all eyes are on them - visible and kissable. By simply tipping your chin down you should be able to kiss the top of your baby’s head (and sniff and soak in that ‘new baby’ smell… it’s a personal fave).

Having a completely adjustable carrier such as the Chekoh Wrap and also our Sling, means that you can adjust your wear for safety, so tighten those pockets to ensure your baby is sitting high and ready for some smooches.


safe babywearing how to chekoh newborn baby carrier

Curled airways can restrict breathing, so ensure baby’s chin is up and away from their chest. Another good reason to always keep them In View and Close Enough To Kiss - chins up baby! 


safe babywearing how to chekoh newborn baby carrier

Baby’s back should be comfortably supported in a natural position so that their tummy and chest are against you. This natural position provides effortless cuddles and allows baby to settle in to what feels right. Ensure that baby’s legs are not bunched up in front of their chest - instead we recommend they rock those Froggy legs.

If you’re still not 100% confident after following our online tutorials, please reach out to us! 
We offer free video consultations to make sure you and baby are super happy, comfortable and safe when wearing our Chekoh Wraps. 
Click HERE to watch our step by step tutorial video 
Click HERE to purchase
Click HERE to book a free video consult 

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